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I totally forgot…

July 26, 2007

that Andrea Burns “tagged” me (like a month ago! LOL!)

So…here we go! 🙂

Four of my favorite jobs (I’ve worked a lot of places!):
1. Being a Mommy
2. Kindergarten Teacher
3. Working at a bridal salon
4. Working at Express

Four of my favorite local places
1. Lake Decatur
2. Children’s Museum
3. The mall! (that’s a no-brainer!)
4. Triple Dog Dare Ya (world’s yummiest hot dogs!)

Four of my favourite foods
1. Grilled Shrimp
2. Roma’s Pizza (makes me miss Bethalto!)
3. Garlic Smashed Potatoes
4. Mom’s Lasagna Recipe (seriously…it’s the BEST!)

Four of my favorite international places (Well…I’ve not travelled much…so let’s just dream here!)
1. Paris
2. Australia
3. Italy
4. Greece

Four names of people I am tagging
1. Jessica Hollis
2. Michelle Filo
3. Melissa Lewis
4. Emily Bold

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  1. Jessica

    July 27th, 2007 at

    Wow, I’ve never been blog tagged before!! 🙂 I will do it a little later, right now I’m taking a little break–Johnny and I are cleaning the carpets and doing that leads to all other kinds of cleaning…a bit of early nesting I guess! See ya Sunday! Oh and we are having Ava’s bday party on Friday night the 3rd, if you all want to hang around after camp gets over that day! You are welcome to come!
    Love Jessica

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