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Sounds from a hospital room…

January 7, 2009

Yesterday was quite an eventful day! My grandmother went to the hosptial for hernia surgeries. It was icy and she fell on the way into the hospital, but was fine. The surgery went well and they were home in a couple of hours. Then, later that morning, my grandfather heads out to check the mail. He either passed out and hit the ground, or he slipped on the ice and hit is head hard. He doesn’t remember much about what happened, but someone stopped by that was driving by and helped get him some medical attention. He was taken to the emergency room and a CAT scan showed some swelling on the brain due to the impact of the fall. My aunt was flying in from Vegas, but couldn’t get here until later today, so I hopped in the van (yeah, I drive a cool mini van…blech) and headed to stay with him in the hospital over night. When I arrived, he was really alert and in good spirits. We took some pictures of him with my cell phone and he couldn’t believe he looked like he did! He looked like he just got back from war…his head is all wrapped up and he has quite the black eye! I drank a massive cup of coffee when I arrived and was wide awake until 2am…and then tried to sleep. But, sleep is about impossible in a hard chair and with all of the business in a hospital. Plus, grandpa’s room mate got up about every 20 minutes to use the bathroom, the lady in the room next to him would yell out funny things, and there was lots of snoring going on. It was quite a night!

I’m so thankful he seems to be doing well and hope that he’s able to go home later today. I think my grandparents need to stay far away from ice from now on! (and if I just typed a post of full of spelling errors/grammatical errors, remember I’m going on hardly any sleep! LOL!)

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  1. Annie

    January 7th, 2009 at

    I’m glad he is doing OK, I’ve been praying for him.

    Oh, and mini vans ARE cool. (O:

  2. admin

    January 7th, 2009 at

    Well, as long as they are red, right? 🙂 Thanks for praying for grandpa!

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