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Mason’s ever growing vocabulary

August 9, 2006

Mason is turning into quite the chatterbox here lately! His favorite words are…Tyler (Tywer), mama, dada, car(he sounds like he’s from boston when he says car!), ball, baby, Millie (mimmie), Milk (I wish I could describe how he says this…it’s hilarious!), no-no, bye-bye, all-done, all-gone, out (this word tends to mean up, down, in, & out), diaper, cracker, please (pwease), thank you, pray, and amen.

He can also repeat a lot of what you say, but those are the main words he uses on a daily basis. The other day, I said “Give mommy a kiss.” He said “no” and turned his head. I said “Give mommy a hug” and he did the same thing!! He’s too young to not want to hug or kiss his mommy!! Luckily that was a rare occurence…we get lots of hugs and kisses.

The other day at KFC, he said “pray” before the food came out. So…I closed my eyes and was saying the prayer and he leaned in and said “Amen!” before I finished. Everyone around us cracked up. He makes sure we say prayers before eating and before bedtime. Those are precious moments with him!

Here’s a picture of Mason when he was just a couple of months old…it really doesn’t seem all that long ago! Now he’s big and having conversations with us!

Sketch template by Jen Caputo, Color Me Happy papers by Melany Violette

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  1. Katie

    August 10th, 2006 at

    Incredible picture, and perfect caption!

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