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November 12, 2008

It has been so crazy around here lately! We went out of town last week for Tyler’s annual hunting trip in Sesser with Johnny Hollis. Jessica and I hung out and edited photos while the guys were in the woods. The kids and I left on Friday and headed up to Granite City and spent the night with Grandma & Grandpa Mize. They had fun getting spoiled by the great grandparents! On Saturday, the kids went to play with Uncle Corey, Aunt Stephani, Lily, Libby & Lucy & I photographed a wedding (pics are coming soon!) We came home on Sunday and have been trying to recoop from our crazy week!

For the past couple of weeks, Millie has had a stomach bug. She has had diarrhea off and on & it just won’t go away! We took her to the doctor yesterday & we’re trying to figure out what is wrong with her belly. He sent us for xrays on her belly to check for blockages, etc and had us bring in a stool sample (um…yuck!) By yesterday evening, I felt like I was ready to just hit a wall. I’m so tired! I just about started crying when she woke up this morning to more yucky pullups. After changing her, she stood up, gave me a hug and said “thanks mommy!” Then, I really wanted to cry…she is so sweet & I’m so very lucky to be her mommy…yucky belly stuff and all! I’d love it if you’d say a little prayer for Millie that her belly will start feeling better soon!

I did hear from the doctor’s office that her xrays of her bowels showed mild inflammation, which is to be expected with all of her diarrhea here lately. We still don’t know why she’s having the diarrhea, though!

Well, a cute little curly headed girl just woke up from her nap and wants to cuddle! Have a great day!

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  1. Anonymous

    November 16th, 2008 at

    you mean you went to sesser without me? i’m jealous.
    HAHA, well the pictures that you’ve done are amazing! and i really miss you and can’t wait for thanksgiving!

    love your favorite sister in the whole wide world–abbie.

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