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A Perfect Winter Day | My Family

February 6, 2011

On Saturday, we woke up to the most beautiful snowfall. Sure…we’ve had so much yucky wintry weather this past week, but this snow was different. It was big, beautiful snowflakes that just looked like someone shook a snowglobe. I made a cup of candy cane hot chocolate and snuggled with the kids on the couch and watched the snow fall from the sky. It was the perfect morning.

(quick side note, if you haven’t bought the candy cane hot chocolate yet, run to wal-mart and get some! Soooo yummy!!)

Tyler came home for lunch & we watched the Illini game (the one disappointment in the day!) After the game, we took the kids outside & thought we’d try to build a snowman. The snow was terrible for building a snowman, but Tyler still wanted to play and create something. There was so much ice under the fresh snow from the blizzard earlier this week, so Tyler grabbed the snow shovel and we scooped up the fresh snow & put it in one huge pile. The kids were having fun gliding around on the ice while we made the snow mountain. I decided I was better off photographing the action than snow shoveling my back yard! 🙂 Tyler created an igloo/tunnel and the kids LOVED it!! (I love it that Tyler loves to play in the snow as much, if not more, than the kids! He’s one great daddy!)

Here’s a glimpse into our day! (and yes…that’s a rabbit fur hat on Tyler’s head! gag!)

As soon as I busted out the camera, Millie decided it should be her own personal photo shoot! That girl can pose like no other! Of course, I’m not complaining!!

As much as a grumble and complain about the cold, it was so nice to have the perfect Saturday around here!

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  1. Maddie Kate

    February 8th, 2011 at

    That is adorable! Luv u guys & miss u!

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