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I was able to photograph miss Savannah on her two week birthday. She arrived wide awake & wanted no part in falling asleep for her photos! Right as we were calling it a day, she fell asleep! I am so grateful that she did & it allowed us to get some sweet, sleepy photos! She […]


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Our morning with Justin and Whitney started with me at the salon with Whitney & the girls & Will headed over to the golf course to do some photos of the guys! I was so amazed with how calm Whitney was the entire morning…she was just so relaxed & happy to be getting married! They […]


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I tried to do pictures with this sweet family this spring, and it ended up raining on our day…so, we rescheduled for the fall. We ended up with clouds, but luckily avoided the rain! The mom’s sister is an amazing photographer in Florida, but they haven’t been able to see each other for quite awhile […]