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My kids say the funniest things! | Decatur, IL Child and Baby Photographer

Last night, I had the funniest conversation with Mason! It went something like this:

Mason: Mom, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Me: Buddy, I am grown up. I’m a photographer & I’m your mommy!
Mason: No, mom. After you’re done with weddings. What do you want to do?
Me: I’m still going to be a photographer & mommy! What do you want to do when you grow up?
Mason: Nothing. Just stay here with you.
Me: Well, what do you want your job to be when you are older?
Mason: (thinks for a bit…)I want to be the guy that passes out snacks on an airplane. But, I don’t want to be the guy that has to talk (the guy that gives directions over the speaker). I just want to pass out food.
Me: Oh! You want to be an airline attendant!
Mason: Yep! You want to be one too, mom? You can work on the plane with me, or you can be in another plane. It’ll be fun.
Me: I bet it’d be fun…but I think I’ll just be a photographer & mommy. But, you can go and have fun passing out snacks!

Dream big, buddy. Dream big! 🙂

Here’s another recent conversation I overheard in our house. Millie has asked a lot of questions about growing old, dying, and why & how we go to Heaven here lately.

Millie: Mason, do you want to go to Heaven?
Mason: Yeah. Why? Do you want to go to Heaven?
Millie: Yep, I want to go to Heaven ’cause I believe in Jesus
Mason: I think it’s because you want a sparkly crown and lots of gold.

Oh my! They crack me up!!!! They always have me laughing around here! I’m so glad God gave me such funny, sweet & cute kids!!!

Speaking of cute kids…I had a couple of cuties come out for the tutu cute sessions! Since I only had a couple sign up, I decided not to do the blog contest & just gave them each a gift certificate! 🙂 Want to see cuteness overload? Take a peek below!!!

Aren’t they sweet? I’ll be posting details for the Little Rock Star sessions soon!!

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  • Maddie Kate - i love their conversations so sweet & crazy!!!!!!!

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