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Yearly Archives: 2006

To prove it really is a cool program…

click on Jen Caputo’s blog here and look at her pics. I

Pics you’ve been waiting for…

Here you go! (I’ve been a busy scrapper) ๐Ÿ™‚ Click here for

Bronchitis, runny noses, blah!!

We have been pretty sick here in our household! I took the kiddos to

Silly Mason!

I snapped this photo today & loved how he was

My chunky monkey!! & other things to share

Isn’t she sweet?? She made for one cute monkey on Halloween!

Cruisin’ with a hot chick!

I love these pictures of Mason & Maddie Kate Hollis! Can you

October was breast cancer awareness month…

…and I made this layout in honor of my mom. She was so very

Too cute at bedtime!

I’ve completed a few new layouts that I thought I’d share

Jury duty…grrr!!

Most people grumble when they are summoned to jury duty…not me!

My poor neglected blog…

There are moments when life just gets in the way and the blog gets

Some pictures of Millie…

I’m finally posting the sweet pictures of Millie that Jessica

Here’s a layout I did…

using the storyboard I made. I resized it to an 8×8 so it would

What a fun day!!

We had such a great day today!! We all got up and went to garage

Welcome to the world of time-outs!

Once upon a time there was a sweet little boy who never got in

Six years ago today…

Can you believe we’ve been married for six years?!? Crazy, huh?

Sick again! :(

Poor little Mason is sick…again! We were supposed to get to go

Mason’s ever growing vocabulary

Mason is turning into quite the chatterbox here lately! His favorite

My heritage book…

I’m working on making a Mize family heritage book. I’m