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Poor Millie’s still sick! Her temp was 103.7 last night. The poor kid was still playing and acting good, so I had no idea! We did the Motrin/Tylenol & she slept from 8:30 last night until 8:30 this morning. She’s been running right around 100 so far today. I’m hoping she’s almost over it! It’s so weird…she had just one bad diaper yesterday, but nothing else seems to be going on. I have no idea what’s really wrong with her! We’ve just been taking it easy around here…watching Cinderella, Barney, and Tarzan. (well, those are the movies that are on while the kids just run around the house! 🙂 ) Mason & Millie are sound asleep right now…I hope they take good naps!

This morning, I put batteries in Miles’ fish aquarium so that Millie could play with it in her bed (her bird one broke.) As soon as the music started playing, it just took me right back to Miles’ bedside in the NICU. There are just so many memories around that fish aquarium. Tyler tucked her into bed and she wanted it on…and he said the same thing. “Man, that really takes you back!” Millie loves watching the fish, just like Mason & Miles always did!

It’s a winter wonderland around here today. We’re supposed to get 4-6 inches & it’s really coming down right now. Mason’s ready to go and play outside! I’m just trying to pretend like I’m happy that it’s snowing…I’d much rather it be 70 degrees! Instead, I’m just sitting inside, snacking! I can’t seem to stay away from the Girl Scouts Thin Mint cookies today! Those things are soooo addicting! (you’d think with the word “thin” in their title that they wouldn’t be so bad for you…I’m going to pretend like they are figure friendly!)

Here’s some more layouts…it’s crazy just how much much they have grown!

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  • Emily - I am sorry to hear about your week last week…it always seems to happen at one time. When you talk about your Mom, it takes me back (long ago!). She was the best cook and had the kindest heart!

  • Michelle Filo - I hope Millie is better already!
    and the memories are the good ones, it is so cute that she loves the aquarium just like they used too.
    Love the pages, specially the first one 🙂 stunning as usual Kellie!

  • Stephanie Anderson - Kel.. can your little Millie be any cuter!!! I just want to snuggle her right up every time I see a page of hers!! Hope she is feeling better!!


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