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The Prince, the Princess, and the ugly toads.

May 9, 2011

The kids were so excited when they found a toad in the back yard today.  Mason proudly scooped him up and carried him around.  Then, he made a little home for him out of a clay pot that they made at Animal Kingdom last year.  Millie started pouting that she didn’t have a toad, and one jumped out at me while I was walking up to the back patio.  I told her to grab it and she looked at me like I was crazy!  She said “Frogs are yucky!  Mason, you get it!”  He came to his sister’s rescue and got her a toad for her clay pot.  Her toad quickly escaped and she reached down and scooped him up & then looked at me with HUGE eyes.  She was in shock that she grabbed it and was holding the toad.  I told her to keep a hold of the toad & that I had to get my camera! 🙂  The kids had fun playing with the poor toads this afternoon!

Can you see the toad falling out of Mason’s hand in the photo below?  Too funny!  And, I’m pretty sure Millie is debating kissing that toad to see if he will turn into a prince!  I reassured her that it most definitely would not & that she better not kiss the gross toad! haha!

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