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When you look at our family photo, it looks like we are the parents of three seriously cute children. (Millie, Madden & Mason are pictured here) But the truth is, we are the parents of four. Becoming a family wasn't an easy journey. After going through infertility, we were beyond thrilled to find out I was expecting twins. Mason & Miles made their entrance into the world ten weeks early & seemed to be doing so well. When Miles was eleven days old, his body started fighting a horrible infection. He became such a sick little baby who had to battle more than any baby should ever have to go through. We spent our days in the NICU snuggling our boys, singing Jesus Loves Me, and praying for a miracle for Miles. Mason spent six weeks in the NICU until he was able to come home, and Miles spent three months in the NICU until he went home into the arms of Jesus. Saying goodbye to our precious gift was truly the hardest thing I've ever gone through. He taught me so many things in those three months: 1) Love. Love big and love bold. 2) Take time to see the beauty in every day. 3) To keep the Faith & be forever grateful for the Hope of Christ. Even though we had to say goodbye, we rest in the hope that we will see him again. 4) Photos are a proof of life. I look back at the photos of me snuggling with my sweet boy, of him getting to be with his twin brother, and of the proud look on my husbands face as he held them for the first time and I'm just so very grateful to have these memories documented. This life is such an incredible gift that we've been given & I don't want to waste it doing things that don't matter. I want to live big, live bold, and love without reservation. I'm so very grateful God allowed me to be the mommy of Miles. Our family is better because he's a part of it.