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cough, sneeze, wheeze, run a temp, sneeze, cough, wipe noses, watch lots of movies, cough, sneeze, whine, cough, sneeze…lots of snuggles. That has pretty much been our day since Thursday morning. Both of my kids have croup. They sound like barking seals and have had some trouble breathing. Their high temps have made them pretty lethargic and we just snuggle & watch movies. We have family coming in town for Memorial Day, but I have a feeling we’re not going to be able to hang out with everyone since Mason still has a temp this morning. Millie still looks terrible, too. Croup is so not fun!

I decided to get out of the house for a bit yesterday since Tyler was home and the sun was shining. I threw my hair up in a ponytail, threw on my running shoes and (don’t laugh) ran. I ran for almost a mile and then walked a couple more. It felt so good to be outside & getting some exercise. There are lots of hills around here…and I am feeling it this morning! My rear and legs are sooooo sore! I think I’ll opt for Pilates this morning & hopefully attempt the mile again tomorrow! My sister in law, Stephani, is an avid runner and every time I see her I can’t get over how great she looks. I really need to get my rear in gear and do something! My elliptical machine is used more as a clothes hanger than an exercise machine…it’s ridiculous!

I’ve been on a healthy eating kick…and we’ve lost some weight around here! I’ve lost 14 pounds & I know Tyler has lost some, too! My magic secret…don’t eat everything in sight & portion control! We’ve also switched to whole grains–breads, cereals, pastas–and have been using ground turkey instead of hamburger meat for a lot of our meals. (of course, I say this as I’m drinking a dr. pepper & just ate a cinnamon roll…there are exceptions! 🙂 )

Millie’s birthday party was a lot of fun last Saturday. We had a Dora Fiesta! We ate taco salad, taquito’s, chips and cheese dip/salsa, and fried ice cream. It was yummy! The weather was perfect & I’m so thankful for all of the friends and family that came. I know gas isn’t cheap right now & it really means alot that so many travelled up here! Our house is really getting “girlified” with all of the new baby dolls & girly toys! (Mason loves the stroller! LOL!)

This is my last week of babysitting this week. We have tomorrow off for Memorial Day & hopefully my kids will be feeling better for them to come on Tuesday. It’s going to be so weird not to have Carter and Bennett around here everyday…I know Mason is really going to miss having his buddy around. We’ll definitely have to get together this summer! I’m doing their family pics on Saturday and am really looking forward to doing a new session!

Want to see some new pages?

and here’s some layouts from vacation…I’m obviously terrible at trying to do a vacation recap, so enjoy the pics instead! Haha!

Enjoy your memorial day weekend…I’m sure we’ll be coughing and wiping noses! 🙂

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  • jennyg - love your LOs!!!

  • Anonymous - I guess I should start delicately prepping Carter for the reality that he won’t see Mason everyday after this week…hmmmm?

    I’m excited about our family pics on Saturday too. This will be a first for us…can you believe we’ve never had a family picture taken since Bennett was born!?! No pressure! =)

    I hope the croup is on the way out and your kids start feeling better. Sheesh!

    Talk to you tomorrow,

  • paul profitt - Great stuff.
    I just found your blog and love it.
    Look forward to reading more.

  • Anonymous - I love your pages Kellie! I still haven’t actually started. It is just sitting there looming at me. I think once I get over the hurdle, I will really enjoy it. Hope your kids are feeling better. (Brooke Turnbough)

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