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A proud mommy moment { Decatur, IL commercial photography }

I worked with Staley Credit Union and Jump Company to do the photos for Staley’s new ad campaign….and they asked if Millie would be one of the models.  I wish you could’ve seen the behind the scenes shots of me trying to get Millie to cooperate and all of the shots when Mason would walk right in front of the camera.  It was craziness…but it turned out! 🙂  I also worked with several other models & loved the experience with each of them!  Here’s a peek at Millie’s billboard…it’s on Pershing here in Decatur!  Yep, it’s a proud mommy moment! 🙂

Funny story about the billboard…I took Millie by so she could see her picture and she squealed, clapped her hands and said “Dat’s Milwe!”  Mason then chimed in and said “Mommy, how about when they tear Millie’s picture down, they put mine up there!” haha!!


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  • Joni Moody - Kellie….on my way into Decatur last week to see Grandma and Pa I saw this billboard. I was pretty sure it was Millie, but I forgot to ask them about it. I knew I was right! She is just the most adorable little girl ever! I love looking at the blog….your work is amazing!


  • Bekah - Ahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! I am so giggly just looking at her adorable face! You have to be so seriously pumped. I am seriously pumped for you! This is AWESOME!

  • Stacey Higgins - Dan seen this on his way to work and had to call me and tell me he seen Millie on a billboard. How adorable!! I’m sure you’re in store for many more proud mommy moments.

  • Melissa - She makes a fabulous model!

  • tanashe - too cool!!!!!

  • Tim Drury - Very funny and cool blog post! I’m proud for you.

  • Kristina - Every day is a proud mommy moment for you! You are blessed with beautiful babies! Hence, why you need another!! Anyway, who needs a banking prodigy with a face like that…that’s money baby!

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